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    Free Shipping @paul_sutton_bourbon in honor of our US Military #godblessamerica

    Were grain-to-glass and use our family’s century old mash recipe. Yep. It’s that good. Hey - It’s not bragging if it’s true #heirloomcorn #passeddowntobepassedaround

    Monday is over! Celebrating @valbellaatthepark #cheers #bestbourbon #tuesdayvibes

    We’re celebrating the many generations of women behind our family’s bourbon FREE SHIPPING #happymothersday #passeddowntobepassedaround

    Today marks 124 years since the passage of the Bottled-in-Bond Act. Celebrating @bourbonreview #bottleinbondday

    Our 100-proof bourbon whiskey is smooth and full bodied because of our grains, like our sweet heirloom corn. We support our local farmers and are grain-to-glass #bottleinbond #passeddowntobepassedaround

    How do I love PS Bourbon? Let me count the ways. Neat, Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, Bourbon Sour … #passeddowntopassaround

    #whiskeywednesday #passeddowntobepassedaround

    Join us in Phoenix for the Super Bowl @fredminnick @grimaldispizzeria bourbon and football! Voted as one of the top Super Bowl Parties @arizona_life. #bestbourbon #passeddowntobepassedaround

    Join us! Today and tomorrow!

    We’re bottled-in-bond baby. She’s 6- years old, 100 proof and made by our Master Distiller in 1 distillery in 1 season and then aged in our bonded warehouse. Yep. Passed down to be passed around #bottledinbond #bestbourbon #patience

    It’s the Holidays! #merrychristmas #bestbourbon

    Bottled in Bond. Single Barrel. 6-years old. We set the standard for grain-to-glass bourbon whiskey. Makes the perfect Holiday gift! #merrychristmas🎄 #bestbourbon

    Today in 1933, Prohibition ended! Tag us and let us know how you are celebrating this historic day! #godblessamerica🇺🇸

    A toast with PS Bbn! Congratulations Julian! #jude #bestbourbon #legacy #rockstar

    A little brown water in a designer clothing store makes the Holiday season official. Join us! #bourbonwhiskey #christmas