“It’s not that life’s too
short, it’s that most of us
get started too late.”



Grandpa Sutton used to say that it’s not that life’s too short, it’s that most of us get started too late. At an age when most of us were being kids, he was already training horses, repairing shrimp boats and driving “borrowed” taxis. All the while, he spent his spare time making a bourbon that sang the praises of the South.

Sutton bourbon was a family affair, one that Grandpa Sutton, his brothers, daddy and paps all worked together to perfect. The batches were small and the taste was rich, deep and sweet. It was pure goodness right from the get-go.

But as years passed, that legendary mash recipe was lost. Fortunately, we still had those original bourbon-filled mason jars and that same deep passion for distilling the perfect pour.

With bourbon science on our side, we worked backwards to piece together that century-old family mash recipe, picking out the ingredients and techniques that gave Sutton bourbon its unmistakable taste. Turns out that Alabama corn, a sweet mash and a grain-to-glass approach were what set it apart. The bourbon legend was reborn.

Today, a century later, we’re proud to be using that same 100-year-old family mash recipe, and we’re proud to be following those same tried-and-true methods. It takes time and hard work, but it’s the way seven generations have gone about it. At Paul Sutton Bourbon®, we take our family traditions to heart.

After 100 years we’ve learned never to rush a good thing.

Paul Sutton Bourbon®
Passed down to be passed around.

C. 1845
Horse Trainers
Sweet Mash Bill
Sweet Mash Bill
Mason Jar
Bourbon Science
Paul Sutton Bourbon®
Here’s To You!
From our family to yours.


The Heritage Collection is a limited release of barrels aged seven years for the family’s 7th generation, bottled at cask strength. It's passed down to be passed around. Head to our website to learn more. #PaulSuttonBourbon

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Paul Sutton Distilling Company announces the Heritage Collection; an allocated, limited-release of barrels aged 7-years, for the family’s 7th generation, bottled at cask strength. The collection is dropping just in time for Bourbon Heritage month! #bestbourbon #kentuckybourbon


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Looking to enhance your bourbon experience? Try adding a splash of water to your glass! It can help release the aromas and flavors that'll allow you to fully enjoy the complexity of our handcrafted bourbon.

Step back in time with us as we share the history behind our bourbon. Our mash recipe was reverse-engineered from original bourbon-filled mason jars to confirm our family's century old mash recipe. #Cocktails

We take pride in distilling our bourbon in small batches. It allows us to carefully monitor each step of the process and ensures that every barrel meets our high standards. Taste the difference that small-batch distillation makes.

Have you ever wondered how we create the rich flavors of our bourbon whiskey? It all starts with our meticulously aged 18-month air-dried premium barrels. What do you think makes a barrel-aged spirit exceptional? Comment your thoughts! #Bourbon

When it comes to bourbon, experience matters. Our family has been perfecting the art of bourbon for generations. Using a sweet mash process and local grains, we have raised the bar for craft bourbon #cheers #kentuckybourbon

There's nothing better than enjoying family traditions. We're glad to share ours with you every time you choose #PaulSuttonBourbon.

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We're proud to make our family's century old mash recipe. We use the same techniques, including a sweet mash process, just like the generations before. #traditions #legacy #patients

We use a sweet mash process with corn, rye, and malted barley, and after six years of aging on oak barrels, the result is a rich, sweet pour like no other.

We are now available in Georgia! Thanks to your support we're continuing to spread the good word and great bourbon! #grateful #best bourbon #passeddowntobepassedaround #PaulSuttonBourbon

We source our grains from a local, family owned, and operated farm. Just like the generations before. #Passeddowntobepassedaround

Amazing! We’re so proud of our team! More Big News - Limited Release coming in September. Join the family at paulsuttonbourbon.com to find out more! #grateful #patience #steepedintradition #passeddowntobepassedaround